Presiding Prelate, MICA

Pastor, Monument of Faith Church - Chicago IL


Apostle Mark Anthony Henton comes from a legacy of great anointed preachers. He is a third generation pastor and has been ordained by God to lead the people of God to the next dimension of purpose, power and prosperity. The son of the legendary trailblazer Apostle Richard D. Henton and the grandson of Pastor/Evangelist Amelia Anderson he was destined to carry on the work assigned to this lineage.

His ministerial journey began in 1978 where at the tender age of 18 he accepted the call to preach. His service continued as he became the Youth Pastor of the Monument of Faith in 1981. This passion ignited into a strong youth ministry. Over the course of 17 years in this role it was clear that his fire could not be quenched. The flames of this fire was sparked by the powerful move of God during all night prayer service on Friday nights. This medium would be the catalyst for reaching young people throughout Chicago and vicinity allowing them to experience the power of God, the working of miracles, deliverance and souls saved through this young willing vessel.

He was later ordained by Apostle Richard Henton in 1984. During which he perpetuated his divine purpose through an effective evangelistic ministry. During this time he began to show signs of leadership and collaboration of peers by co-founding, “COPS” (Coalition of Pastor's Sons) a monthly fellowship of sons of pastors that produced conferences, rallies and youth services. In addition to a vibrant evangelistic ministry where he has been utilized by God throughout this nation teaching and preaching the word of God he was then inspired by God to begin another work.

In 1999 Apostle Mark's journey changed course. He organized M.I.C.A. (Monument International Church Assemblies). He served as executive director while his father, Apostle R. D. Henton was the presiding prelate. As a result of this fellowship in 2001 the Monument Center of Life Church was birthed and thus the role of Senior Pastor was assumed by Apostle Mark. Assuredly he flourished in his duties there and after serving 13 years in this capacity God added to his ministry.

In 2011 he began serving as co-pastor of God's House of All Nations after the passing of Bishop Charles Little. The continued submission and obedience propelled him forward and his journey again took on a new course.


In May 2014 he was installed as Pastor of the historic Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church where his dad Apostle Richard D. Henton was the founder and pastor for over 50 years.  Although his ministry is chocked full of experience, Apostle Mark also has an extensive academic career to match. Matriculation began with the Chicago Public Schools. Then the Chicago Bible College and Logos Bible College. He's the recipient of 2 honorary Doctoral Degree and has been presented numerous awards for his service in ministry.

He has been the keynote speaker for a vast amount of venues, churches and universities, always spreading the message of hope, faith and deliverance. He is an anointed man of God who possesses a genuine love for God's people along with a reachable personality that appeals to this generation. He remains rooted and grounded in the foundational teachings of holiness and is determined to continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

In addition to being a beloved pastor he is a devoted family man. With his wife Grace LaJoy Little-Henton, 3 beautiful daughters and 2 grandchildren. He is yet driven and focused to fulfill the work God has placed before him.

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